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Dental Treatments In Lakewood, OH - Greg DeVor, DDS

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Not only is excellent oral hygiene essential to your teeth and your smile, but regular general dentistry can help fight off a wealth of health issues. At Greg DeVor, DDS, we know how important your smile is, and we offer a wealth of treatments to address most dental issues and keep your mouth and smile looking their best. 

Dental Hygiene And Preventive Care
The best way to keep your teeth, gums, and overall mouth healthy is preventive care and regular dental hygiene. We recommend checkups and cleanings approximately every six months so we can identify any issues before they start. Our experienced staff members can also answer any questions you might have about brushing, flossing, and daily dental care, as well as any questions on the best products to use to care for your teeth.  

To identify any underlying issues, Dr. DeVor uses state-of-the-art equipment, including low-radiation X-rays, to look at the roots and any developing teeth and to detect cavities while they are still small and easy to repair. These X-rays can also help your dentist diagnose any orthodontic problems and other structural conditions. 

Restorative And Cosmetic Dentistry
If you’re looking to perfect your smile, we offer a variety of cosmetic and restorative procedures to help. Whether you need preventive treatments or seek purely cosmetic dental work, our dentist can help you with a complete smile makeover. Some of the procedures we offer include:

If you suffer from tooth decay, you may need to have fillings to help restore the integrity of the tooth and protect the surrounding area from additional damage. We offer several types of filling materials, including the traditional metal fillings. The damaged part of the tooth is drilled and treated, then filled. Most fillings are completed in one day, though additional visits may be necessary depending on how many teeth need filling.

Crowns are caps that restore the look and integrity of a tooth that has a cavity too large to fill. Other reasons for crowns may include restoring a discolored tooth, protecting a tooth after a root canal, and using it to repair a heavily damaged or cracked tooth.

If you are missing a single tooth or a couple of teeth close together, we may recommend a dental bridge. This dental piece includes a single false tooth held in place by the teeth on either side of the gap. Our dentist can measure this gap and have a tooth made that fits exactly with your smile. Bridges also help prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting when there is a large gap.

Dental Implants
Dental implants are surgically implanted to a metal frame within the jaw. Our dentist is qualified to perform this type of procedure to provide a solution for someone who is missing teeth. Other popular procedures we offer include veneers and teeth whitening to help create a bright and white smile and orthodontics to correct crooked teeth or help perfect your bite. TMD treatment may also be necessary for individuals who have problems with the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. 

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If you live in the Lakewood, Ohio, area and are looking for an experienced dentist, contact Dr. Greg DeVor, DDS, at 216-221-1438 to learn more about our available services. We are open Monday through Saturday for your convenience, and before your appointment, you can download any forms you may need, check your appointment time and information, and set up reminders about your upcoming visit.

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Greg DeVor, DDS
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