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Periodontal Treatment in Lakewood, OH and the Greater Cleveland, OH Areas

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Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease or periodontitis, affects millions of Americans each year. As a progressive condition that is localized in the gum tissue, periodontal disease is often characterized by receding gum lines, persistent pain, and even tooth loss. Left untreated, it can result in both widespread tooth loss and jaw infection. At the office of Greg DeVor, DDS, we provide periodontal treatment for all gum conditions.

Common Periodontal Conditions
- Gingivitis: This is the most common and least severe periodontal condition. The toxins in plaque, which builds up due to poor dental care or heightened bacterial activity, causes this disease. Gingivitis is typically treated with a professional dental cleaning and medical mouthwashes. Antibiotics may be prescribed to help kill any remaining bacteria.
- Chronic Periodontal Disease: The second most common form of gum disease, chronic periodontal disease is characterized by inflammation of the gums and deterioration of the gingival and bone tissue. Chronic periodontal disease typically occurs in patients over the age of 45. Because lost tissue cannot be rebuilt, chronic periodontal disease cannot be completely cured. However, a combination of both non-surgical and surgical procedures can significantly reduce deterioration.
- Aggressive Periodontal Disease: This periodontal disease is most likely to occur in smokers or those with a genetic history of the condition. It is characterized by rapid loss of gum attachment and bone tissue and familial aggregation. Due to the rapid deterioration, aggressive periodontal disease is far more likely to require surgical intervention than chronic periodontal disease.
- Periodontal Disease Due to Systemic Conditions: Periodontal disease can manifest itself as a symptom of another condition affecting a patient's body such as respiratory illness, heart disease, or diabetes.
- Necrotizing Periodontal Disease: The rarest of all periodontal conditions, necrotizing periodontal disease rapidly worsens and is typically found among people who suffer from HIV, immunosuppression, chronic stress, malnutrition, or a smoking habit.

Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment
Scaling and root planing are deep cleaning procedures performed by dental professionals while a patient is under anesthesia. Scaling removes plaque and tartar deposits around the gum line and in the pockets between gums. Root planing cleans and smooths the root’s surfaces of a patient's teeth to decontaminate deepened gum pockets and help gum tissue reattach to prevent tooth loss and sensitivity. Additionally, medical mouthwashes or antibiotics may be prescribed.

Periodontal Treatment: Scaling and Root Planing
Scaling and root planing, commonly known as a deep cleaning, is a nonsurgical periodontal treatment that is used to treat gum disease. To perform a scaling and root planing, your dentist or hygienist numbs your mouth with a local anesthetic and uses scaling instruments, an ultrasonic scaler or a combination of both to remove tartar and plaque above and below the gumline. Root planing smooths the root surfaces of your teeth to decrease inflammation of the gum tissue, prevent plaque from forming and help gums firmly reattach to teeth. Additionally, medical mouthwashes or antibiotics may be prescribed.

Surgical Periodontal Treatment
The most common surgical procedure used to treat periodontal conditions is crown lengthening, which removes excess gum tissue. Another procedure, soft tissue grafting, does the opposite. It takes tissue and moves it to a spot where the gums have receded. There are also three types of bone grafts that can be performed. They include ridge augmentation, socket preservation, and frenectomy. All of these bone grafts work to restore teeth to their proper structure and reposition the gums and jaw. Questions? Contact the office of Greg DeVor, DDS, Ohio's leading periodontal dentist, and we'll be happy schedule an appointment with you as soon as possible.

At Home Care
Good oral hygiene at home is vital to ongoing periodontal maintenance, so our compassionate dental care team makes sure you understand the importance of personal oral care. We help you implement proper brushing and flossing techniques and may recommend prescription mouthwashes to help reduce hard-to-reach bacteria.

bleeding gums caused by gingivitis xray image of pockets in gumline
(bleeding gums)

advanced periodontitis xray image of teeth in gums  
Advanced Periodontitis  

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