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Although some patients choose orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons, Greg DeVor, DDS recommends orthodontic treatment to correct a number of issues, such as tooth crowding or extra teeth, fixing a misaligned bite, and a range of other conditions. We offer effective dental treatment options that help you attain a beautiful smile that improves your overall health and boosts your confidence.

Why You May Need Orthodontic Treatment

In addition to creating a straight, white smile, there are many therapeutic reasons orthodontics are important for some patients, including:
  • To prevent children’s teeth from erupting in the wrong position. Early intervention with orthodontic treatment can help guide a child’s teeth into a proper position and help them avoid problems like overcrowding.
  • To fix crowding. Crowded or overlapping teeth can lead to problems with bite alignment, oral hygiene, and decay.
  • To correct an overbite, underbite, or crossbite. Known as malocclusion, a misaligned bite can cause issues with chewing, speech, and jaw pain. Malocclusion can also result in teeth, fillings, and crowns breaking, or becoming damaged.
  • To fill gaps in teeth. Over-spacing can also cause problems with your bite and make it hard to eat certain foods.
  • To correct problems caused by finger or thumb sucking. These habits can have a serious impact on the proper positioning of teeth and bite alignment.

Traditional Braces

Braces with brackets that are attached to teeth and connected by wires are effective for younger children and those with significant malocclusion, crowding, and other complex issues. Dr. DeVor usually refers these types of cases to an orthodontist. The range of time orthodontic treatment takes varies, depending on the patient’s specific needs. Once the desired result has been achieved, you’ll wear a retainer to keep your teeth in position.

Clear Aligners

Many teens and adults prefer discreet clear aligners to straighten their teeth. If you have gaps or slightly crooked or overlapping teeth, removable clear aligners may be an effective solution to achieve a straight, beautiful smile. Dr. DeVor uses ClearCorrect and Invisalign clear aligners, which are removable and worn at least 20-22 hours a day. Some benefits of these comfortable, discreet aligners include:
  • Removable – you can take them out to eat, take photos, or attend special occasions
  • Comfortable – you won’t have to deal with metal brackets rubbing against or cutting into your cheeks or lips
  • Discreet – Because the aligners are completely transparent, no one will know you’re wearing them
  • You can eat what you like – no dietary restrictions like there are with metal braces
  • It’s easier to clean teeth –because they’re removable, you can remove the aligners and continue your normal oral hygiene routine
  • Get good results in a shorter amount of time – depending on the circumstances, clear aligners can take as few as six months to achieve a brand-new smile, while traditional braces may have to stay on for 18-24 months

  • How Do Clear Aligners Work?

    Each custom-made clear aligner applies carefully controlled force to shift your teeth from their existing position until the desired outcome is achieved. After a complete examination and orthodontic consultation, we use an advanced scanning system to create precise 3-D digital dental impressions of your teeth. This advanced technology enables you to preview your new smile, see exactly how your teeth will move, and give you an estimate of the length of your treatment.

    After the Clear Correct or Invisalign lab receives your digital images and impressions, they fabricate multiple sets of clear, custom-made polyurethane aligners that fit snugly over your teeth. You will wear the first set of aligners 20-22 hours per day for two weeks, and then move on to the next set of aligners in the series every two weeks until your teeth are optimally aligned. You will come into the office about every six weeks so Dr. DeVor can check your progress. Length of treatment varies, but the average adult case takes about 12 months.

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    Greg DeVor, DDS is dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal oral health so they can feel and look their best. To learn more about the benefits of orthodontics and the other services we offer, request an appointment online or call our office at 216-221-1438 today. We serve patients throughout the Lakewood, Ohio area and look forward to serving your family’s dental care needs.