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Digital Dental X-Rays

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Greg DeVor, DDS, and our experienced team are dedicated to providing top-notch dentistry using state-of-the art technology such as digital dental radiography. Digital X-rays use an electronic sensor instead of traditional film to capture images of the inside the body, allowing us to instantly view and enlarge images on a computer screen.

Advantages Of Digital X-Rays

When compared to the already minimal radiation exposure of traditional dental X-rays, studies have shown that digital X-rays reduce exposure by 70% to 90%. Many patients also find that the sensors used to take digital X-rays are more comfortable and feel less invasive in the mouth. The improved clarity of digital X-rays and ability to enlarge and enhance images allows Dr. DeVor to more easily detect dental issues and abnormalities. Early detection and treatment of dental problems can help you save money, prevent unnecessary discomfort and allow you to avoid more serious issues down the road. Digital X-rays also eliminate the need to process film with harmful chemicals, which is much better for the environment.

Both traditional and digital dental X-rays help us detect:
  • Cavities and decay inside and between teeth
  • Abscesses and infection
  • Noncancerous and cancerous cysts and tumors
  • Bone loss
  • Problems below the gumline and inside the teeth
  • Positioning of tooth roots and teeth
  • Developmental abnormalities in children and teens

Panoramic Digital X-Rays

In particular, panoramic X-rays enable Dr. DeVor to view the entire mouth, fully emerged as well as emerging teeth and both the upper and lower jaws in a single image. This type of X-ray is a valuable tool that provides additional help in identifying the need for orthodontic treatment, the position of impacted teeth, jaw abnormalities, misalignment and tumors.

Fast, Convenient Coordination Of Care

Digital technology makes it easier for us to share your X-rays with other health care providers within minutes. This is particularly important when dental treatment requires a team approach involving specialists and coordination of care.

Safety Of Digital Dental X-Rays

Our patients' safety is a top priority. Although digital X-rays require a very low amount of radiation, we still take steps to limit your exposure. We take X-rays only when necessary and use a lead apron to shield the body. Whether you will need X-rays depends on your individual dental and overall health, age, risk factors and symptoms. If you are a new patient, we may take X-rays to get a detailed look inside your mouth and teeth to detect decay, the extent of gum disease and other conditions.

Digital X-rays are just one piece of a large puzzle when it comes to optimal oral health and overall wellness. Dr. DeVor will perform a thorough examination, address any questions or concerns you may have, talk with you about your goals for oral health and aesthetic preferences and create a personalized treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

Contact Us To Learn More About Digital Dental X-Rays

No matter what type of dental issues you may be facing, we can help. Our caring team of dental professionals is committed to providing comfortable, quality dentistry that helps patients improve their quality of life. In addition to utilizing digital X-rays, we stay abreast of the latest advances in dental techniques and technology to provide our patients with the best care possible. To schedule an appointment, contact Greg DeVor, DDS, online or call 216-221-1438 today. We look forward to serving your family's dental care needs.