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Root Canal, Root Canal Treatment - Lakewood, Cleveland, OH - Greg DeVor DDS

You may have heard the saying, "Itís more painful than a root canal!" But the highly qualified team with Greg DeVor DDS will show you that root canal therapy doesnít have to be painful. We strive to make each of our patients feel comfortable and at ease in our office, and to make each operation go smoothly.

Symptoms That May Necessitate a Root Canal
Many patients may misunderstand the signs of needing a root canal or seek other options for their teeth. While certain tooth pain can indicate other issues, there are a few symptoms that typically correlate with root canals:

- Is there a lingering pain when drinking high or low-temperature liquids? - Do you feel overly sensitive to tapping or pressure on a tooth or teeth? - Is there intense pain when biting on a tooth? - Have you ever experienced a toothache or a headache so painful that it woke you up at night? - Was there ever a pimple or growth on your gum that may have released blood or pus? - Is there a pain that radiates from one area of the mouth to another? If you have experienced one or more of these symptoms, it is possible that you need more than just a simple filling for a cavity. While endodontic treatment is a more complex procedure, you can leave your worries at the door with our friendly team of experts.

Reasons Root Canal Treatment is Necessary
A root canal is needed due to a toothís pulp getting infected or being severely decayed, unlike a typical cavity that doesnít penetrate to the nerve. To resolve this deep decay, our team removes the pulp and toothís canals and then fills the area with a permanent composite filling. After this procedure is completed, a crown is placed on the tooth for stronger structure and support. Unlike an extraction, a root canal saves the tooth. This can be cheaper in the long run and eliminates the need for costly implants or partials.

Other Causes of Tooth Pain
Itís important to know the difference between needing a root canal and other forms of tooth pain. Gum recession is known to mimic cold sensitivity, and it may produce a throbbing pain. In this case, you may require periodontal work instead. Also, sinus congestion can cause you to feel pressure around the roots of your upper teeth and experience pain from chewing. Additionally, jaw pain may come from the jaw joint instead of an abscessed tooth. This is why itís important to have an endodontic specialist access the health of your overall mouth and create an individualized treatment plan.

For more information about our root canal treatments or our other services, contact our office and schedule an appointment today!

Greg DeVor, DDS
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